Welcome to IATI Insights

Your organisation publishes IATI files. Because you value transparency or perhaps because your donor requires it. But does IATI help you in any way?

There is a fair chance you'll say 'no'. When in fact, your IATI publication gives you a great advantage. In a matter of days, IATI Insights can turn your IATI file into an insightful dashboard. It tells you how your projects are doing, financially and on results. All you need to do, is tell us which file to use.

You publish IATI files, we do the rest.

What do you need? A browser, an internet connection and a few days of patience. No data analyst, no programming, no training. Our standard report is packed with visuals that tells you immediately what you need to know about your indicators, your finances and your data quality. We built it especially for non-profit organisations worldwide.



Alliances and consortiums

Do you collaborate with other NGOs, perhaps in an alliance? Even better. IATI Insights has a report for you that combines all information from all partners in the alliance, and selects the relevant activities for the consortium to show in the dashboard. You can see how each partner is doing, follow the cash flow, and get an overview on results. And the coordinator no longer needs to drown in Excel files to make sense of all the data. 

One reality, everywhere

It is not unlikely that you only report on projects for which publishing in IATI is a donor requirement. But if you choose to expand to projects financed by your major donors or corporate sponsors, you can use IATI Insights to report to them. Your time spent on reporting vanishes! Perhaps you even want to use IATI Insights to publish your results on your website. When you do, your site visitors can do everything you can do with the report: see the latest data, or focus on specific countries or subjects. Have a look at our demo and see for yourself.

With IATI Insights you kill several birds with one stone - with work you've done already.

  • A great management report
  • A way to motivate your project managers to update their data - they will finally see the results
  • Data quality will improve greatly
  • The report updates with every new IATI publication within a day
  • Use IATI Insights as a visually attractive report to your donors big and small
  • Embed IATI Insights on your website
  • Use the IATI Insights visuals in your annual report