IATI Insights Subscriptions


A subscription means you have one dashboard (containing visualisation of one or more files) for a year, refreshed daily, through a public link that you can either keep internal or share on your wesite or through other means.


See the 'how it works' page for more details. We will guide you through the registration with a few simple questions.


Dashboard subscription per year*
€ 2000
Dashboard for alliances* Contact us
Support  Included
Daily refresh during subscription Period Included
Updates in the IATI standard Included
prices excluding VAT

*For complex situations (more than 500 activities, more than 10 IATI files, or complex alliances) please contact us



For every subscription support is included during Dutch office hours (8.00 - 16.00 CET).

The IATI file

  • The dashboard refreshes daily (overnight, European timezone). For this to work, the IATI-file should always have the exact same file name as the old one, and it should always be stored in the same publicly available url.
  • Publish as often as desired.
  • Before publishing, make sure you check the validation of both the XML and the IATI standard for version 2.02 or higher. Any errors will likely mean issues in the dashboard, so should be fixed before publishing.
  • In the case of alliances, all activities in the file should be properly linked through their IDs.


In our intake, we will ask you to provide us with the following and confirm through email:

  • The link(s) to the organisations on the IATI Registry whose files you want us to include in the dashboard.
  • Name, phone number and email address of the main contact for the dashboard. This is ideally the PME Officer or database administrator; whoever deals with IATI publications in their daily work.
  • In case of an Alliance dashboard: which activity identifier is the parent for all activities of the programme.

Please make sure this information is correct. Any modifications necessary as a result of inaccurate information may result in extra cost.


Since your dashboard will be publicly available, please make sure to add personal information of individuals only if necessary for the publication. Don't use individual information without the explicit permission of the people involved. We can not be held responsible for any issues regarding privacy or otherwise resulting from the publication of information through IATI. Please check with donors and other partners before pubishing.